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Bad Suderode

For a healthy vacation, the Harz Mountains offer the best natural conditions, and probably no other place is more suitable to spoil your body and soul. This wonderful region surrounded by beautiful forests and historical buildings provides the perfect environment for natural living.
The detailed carving work of the carefully restored wooden balconies at the guesthouses and the narrow-gauge railway of the Harz (HSB) are just a few reasons to visit the nice municipality which has more than 2000 habitants.
In Bad Suderode for more than 180 years workers has been dedicating to the guest’s health. The specific climatic conditions gave nicknames to the place like “SUN TERRACE OF THE EASTERN HARZ” or “GERMAN NICE.”
The spa's famous natural calcium carbonate therapy is a result of the high concentrate source of calcium that has been bubbling since 1480. This source is one of the most powerful sources of calcium in Europe and is used to heal ailments regarding movement of the body, especially for bones and osteoporosis (bone density decrease- or dissintegrating), the heart circulation and the respiratory system.
Bad Suderode is quite perfect to promote your health, to escape from the everyday life, to relax or to discover the Harz Mountains. Here you find a perfect balance of peace, recreation, health and experiences to have.
High-quality classical therapy offers and spa programs put the finishing touches to your vacations or therapies. With direct treatments and exercises in the fields of movement, and one can learn ways to maintain a lasting change using relaxation and nutrition instruments (Physiotherapeutic treatments)…

The health centre
A new chapter began with the courageous completion of a new health centre which was built in 1996. The generous health centre offers the 32° Celsius (approximately: 88° F) warm calcium brine bath, but also a spa house, a bath house, a fitness centre, a spring hall, a restaurant and a café and much more all under one roof.

In cooperation with spa-doctors, accommodating enterprises and cosmetics, we compiled various year long and seasonal packages for you.
For Refreshing therapy or a health stay, a relaxing spa holiday or a weekend break with your partner…Bad Suderode will give you a refreshing experience.
With prevention and medicinal wellness offers, the health resort slips into the role of a personal health coach who immediately recognizes the health issues of the guests and meets first complaints with an apropriate treatment and scouting-programs.
“Lichtblick” is an “Anti-burn-Out package” that is available starting at 419, - EUR per person. It includes 6 Bed and Breakfasts, a guest card, 2 times Qi Gong, aqua gym and a scented oil massage and much more…
“Gesund mit den 5 Säulen nach Kneipp” is available starting from 347, - EUR per person and includes, among other things, 5 Bed and Breakfasts, a guest card and a calcium brine drinking cure. Beside these things one can use the water-step, brine inhalation, water gym, nordic walking, an herb oil bath in the sound tub, muscle relaxation and much more…
“6-Tage-Schnupper-Kur” is a short therapy session to get an impression of a welfare-procedure. It is available starting at 213, - EUR per person and includes 5 Bed and Breakfasts, a guest card, water gym, 3 massages, a movement bath, 5 brine inhalations and a daily drinking cure.
”Romantik für zwei” is a romantic weekend for two people that is available starting at 121, - EUR per person. It includes 2 Bed and Breakfasts, 2 guest cards, an oil bath with night candles, a candle-light lunch, a relaxation massage and much more…
“Erlebnis-Radeln mit Sahnehäubchen” is available starting at 286, - EUR per person. It is a special package for cyclists. It includes 5 Bed and Breakfasts, a guest card, a calcium brine drinking cure, a "culture-tour" by important historical sights of the region, a nature-tour through the forests of the Harz Mountains, lunch packages for the tours, a sport massage, a bath in milk or beer, a relaxation massage and much more…
“Advent in den Höfen” is a special package for the 2nd and 3rd advent weekends including 2 Bed and Breakfasts. It is available starting at 137, - EUR per person. You start your weekend on Friday with a Cleopatra-bath or a herb oil bath in the sound tub. On Saturday you get a relaxation massage and after that you will visit Quedlinburg, a UNESCO world heritage sight with its famous Christmas market “Advent in den Höfen.” On Sunday you finish your weekend break with a special Christmas-lunch.
This is just a few offers of our variety we offer. “Pauschalarrangements” presents further offers and you will find probably your perfect holidays or classic therapy programs…

Host list
In our host list you will find all of our accommodations. You can choose a special category. For example apartments, holiday houses, vacation homes, hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, guest houses or private rooms. You also have the possibility to select the amenities. There are extended benefits like a balcony, obstruct-friendly / fairly, special food form, non-smoker, camper parking bay, washing machine and much more…

The Harz Mountains doen't have just one centre they have more.
Many characteristics with plentiful features.
The region has a diverse society that you should meet.
Towns like Quedlinburg, Halberstadt or Wernigerode have a proud history.
The Mountain theatre or the “Hexentanzplatz,” which is the meeting place for the witches, especially on the holiday “Walpurgisnacht” in May, the “Roßtrappe” where you find oversized hooves in the rock, a range of historical castles. These are just a few of the possible trips. 
There are a lot of legends hidden in unknown valleys and on the windiest mountain of the north, the Brocken. The Culture and history are an important part of our region and form a wonderful place where you can rest your body. The breathtaking views create an environment which satisfy your body and soul.
Here are some addresses

Narrow-gauge railway of the Harz:

Obstruct-fairly trips to Quedlinburg:

Trips, Weather, Meetings and more

Ortsteil Bad Suderode
Felsenkellerpromenade 4
06485 Quedlinburg

Tel.: 039485 / 510
Fax: 039485 / 485
E-Mail: info@bad-suderode.de
Web: www.bad-suderode.de

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